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5 Ways to Relieve Braces Pain

Braces are the framework that lead to a better smile. They are made up of dental brackets, archwires, and rubber bands designed to use pressure and move your teeth into a straighter formation. The first days after your braces are placed are usually the most uncomfortable. As your orthodontic treatment continues, your sessions with our doctors will usually be less uncomfortable as your teeth get straighter, and any discomfort may be limited to a tooth or two where adjustments to the wire are made. To reduce and ease and discomfort you may experience, our orthodontic team has come up with a list of suggestions on how to reduce any pain that comes from adjusting your braces both before and after your visit.

Pre-Orthodontic Treatment Preventative Care

Before going to visit Dr. Sonneveld for your dental checkup and orthodontic appointment, be sure to take the following tips into consideration if you’d like to experience less pain throughout your session as well as immediately afterwards.

Pain Relieving Medicine

If you’re new to braces, this is a great starting point! Pain relieving medicine, such as acetaminophen, or Tylenol, is used for various forms of pain including muscle aches and toothaches, both of which you may experience during and after your session. Be sure to read the label for instructions on how much you should take and how much time it typically takes to kick in before your appointment.

Anti-Inflammatory Medicine

The symptoms of inflammation can include slight pain and/or swelling, all of which may be felt during and after your orthodontic session. In order to avoid this, we recommend over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin, naproxen, or ibuprofen. Always read the label of the anti-inflammatory comes in to find out how much you should take and how much time it takes to kick in and follow the instructions before your appointment.

Post-Orthodontic Treatment Nurturing Care

After you’ve left your orthodontist’s chair and gone home, you’ll find that you may feel discomfort or pressure lingering for a couple of days. Read on to learn some at-home remedies that you can practice for the days that follow your braces-tightening appointment.

Oral Anesthetics

Oral anesthetics are creams or pastes that contain anti-pain medication. Your orthodontist will have some on hand and will likely use it during your orthodontic session but these types of topical creams are also available over-the-counter! They won’t be at the same professional grade as the ones your orthodontist use, but they’ll do the trick at home when you want some extra pain relief!

Ice-cold Water

Simple, yet effective! Ice-cold water not only helps reduce the inflammation in your mouth, it will also have a temporary numbing effect from the temperature. Be sure to store some cold water at home in the refrigerator and take sips after your orthodontic appointment to help reduce and relieve your oral pain. When you’re drinking your water, be sure to avoid straws as you want the water to fill up your oral cavity and hit all the spots where you’re feeling discomfort. It really works!

Warm Saltwater Rinse

Did you know that salt can have healing properties? Not only does the increase the pH balance of your mouth which inhibits dental bacteria, it also promotes healing by cleaning your mouth without irritating it. To create your warm saltwater rinse, use a ½ teaspoon of salt and add it to a cup of warm water. Take some into your mouth and swish it for as long as you can (30 seconds to a minute should suffice) and spit it out. You’ll instantly feel a rush of relief in your mouth.

Visit Your Orland Park Orthodontist With More Confidence, Today!

Now that you have our handy tips, you can feel confident and comfortable with the fact that you’ll feel better during and after your braces-tightening session with Dr. Sonneveld. Instead, all you have to think about is fitting in and scheduling your next appointment with your orthodontist. But, don’t worry! Our friendly team is here to assist you with scheduling your braces appointments or with anything else you may need. You can contact us online or call us directly at (708) 403-2626.