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Common Braces Emergencies and What to Do About Them

Although braces are quite durable, just about everyone has some kind of braces emergency at some point in their treatment. Even with the utmost care, life happens and brackets break, wires poke, and bands loosen. If it happens to you, don’t panic! Know that it is normal and can be easily addressed.

Broken Brackets

The brackets on your braces are the small metal squares attached to the front of your teeth. These are the pieces used to grip the archwire. The most common issue for braces wearers is for a bracket to break or become loose. If the rest of the brackets are firmly in place and the bands are still bonded to your molars, your braces should still work just fine for the time being. Nonetheless, a broken bracket does warrant a call to the office. Let your orthodontist staff know what happened, and they will decide how to proceed. 

Protruding Wires

At times during your treatment, your archwire may shift in such a way that the end of the wire pokes into the inside of your cheek. This soft tissue is extremely sensitive, and protruding wires can be excruciating. Poking wires may cause painful sores that can fester and grow. These sores make eating and even talking difficult. You shouldn’t have to suffer through a protruding wire. Call your orthodontist at your earliest opportunity. They will fit you in as soon as they can. In the meantime, use your orthodontic wax to cover the end of the wire. 

Loose Bands 

Your orthodontic bands are the metal rings placed around your back molars which act as the anchors for your archwire. If your band becomes loose at any time during treatment, it is important to know what to do. A loose band is actually a choking hazard because it could easily become unattached and fall off toward your throat. If you have a loose band call your orthodontist right away. If they can’t see you that day, consider removing the band yourself so that you don’t choke.

Remember that the best way to protect your braces is to stay away from really hard and sticky foods. You should also avoid chomping on ice or biting your pencil or pen. If an emergency does occur, stay calm and call the office. All will be well if you can get your treatment back on track right away.

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