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Do Braces Hurt?

If you are thinking about getting braces with your Orland Park Orthodontist, you are probably wondering whether braces are uncomfortable and if so, how uncomfortable are they? Here at Sonneveld Orthodontics, your local provider of Braces in Tinley Park, we have treated thousands of patients’ crooked teeth with braces, and we have heard from each patient how they felt about the experience. After all that feedback, we have learned a few things about how braces feel and how to ensure that our patients have the most comfortable treatment possible. Find out below whether braces are uncomfortable and learn about what Dr. Sonneveld can do to improve your braces experience.

Different Braces For Different Teeth

While we wish there was an easy answer, the truth is that when you visit your Orland Park orthodontist, your braces experience will be a unique one. Depending on the degree to which your teeth are misaligned and which type of braces you choose, the feeling and timeline of your treatment will vary. Luckily, here at Dr. Sonneveld’s office, we have experience with the full range of possible dental conditions and are prepared to treat mild and severe misalignments alike. When you come to get braces in Tinley Park or Orland Park, our highly trained doctors will help you pick out a treatment plan that suits your oral health needs and preferences.

Adjusting Your Teeth

The process of straightening out your teeth with braces is a safe and effective way to achieve a beautiful smile for the rest of your life. While there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to discomfort, it tends to be true that the more crooked your teeth are, the more you will feel the process of adjusting them. An individual’s experience with braces can range from being painless to having moments of moderate discomfort, but no one’s experience with braces should be painful. In the case that your braces have started to become painful, you should speak to your Orland Park orthodontist immediately so we can adjust your braces to make them more comfortable.

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Dr. Sonneveld has helped thousands of adults and teens get the smile of their dreams, with minimal discomfort and maximum efficiency. All of this has been possible because of the range of orthodontic treatments available at Sonneveld Orthodontics and the care we take to treat our patient’s specific orthodontic needs with custom solutions. Contact Dr. Sonneveld, your local provider of braces in Tinley Park and Orland Park, today to learn more or to schedule a visit!