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Do Direct to Consumer Braces Work?

Increasingly, we are seeing companies cutting out the middle-man to help cut costs while still providing a great product. While this might work well with a product that doesn’t require an expert like a mattress, it may not be as easy with something involving your oral health. While direct to consumer braces may seem like a good idea with their promise of low pricing and fast treatment time, there’s more to orthodontic treatment than cost and time commitments.

What Are Direct to Consumer Braces

There are a few companies that have been popping up that offer sets of clear aligners designed to straighten your teeth that are delivered straight to you. The concept was created to fit people’s busy schedules, eliminating the need to attend regular appointments to an orthodontist’s office.

Dr. Sonneveld’s Take On Direct to Consumer Orthodontics

At Sonneveld Orthodontics, we take a hands-on approach to each patient’s individualized treatment. With something as important as the realignment of your teeth and bite, Dr. Sonneveld’s expertise will ensure you achieve your best smile as safely and effectively as possible. We warn against the use of direct to consumer orthodontics because you won’t have a professional orthodontist overseeing your entire treatment process.

With Direct to Consumer Braces, You’re On Your Own

One reason you should reconsider using direct to consumer orthodontic treatments is the lack of support you’ll have. While you can always contact customer support at a company for all your questions and concerns, choosing to have your smile treated at an orthodontist’s office gives you a whole support team by your side and local to you. If you have any questions about your braces or Invisalign you’ll be able to call our Orland Park orthodontic office and get to talk to someone you know instead of waiting to talk to a customer service representative.

Treatments Sometimes Need to Be Adjusted

While Dr. Sonneveld uses software to help plan out your initial treatment plan for braces or Invisalign, it’s not always the case that your treatment will stay on that path. Treatments need to be frequently tweaked and adjusted dependent on uncontrollable factors, like how often you wear your aligners or if some of your teeth are more stubborn than others. Without an orthodontist to adjust your treatment it can be hard to ensure your teeth will be perfectly straight after your treatment time is complete.

Learn More About Your Treatment Options at Your Oak Forest Orthodontist

We hope you consider all of your treatment options before deciding on what is the best way for you to achieve straight teeth. If you have any questions about braces or Invisalign and which one is right for you, contact our Orland Park office for your free initial consultation. We hope to see you soon!