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Getting Braces: A Survival Guide for Teens

Between about eleven and fifteen years of age, most children have lost their baby teeth in exchange for their permanent teeth. As the permanent teeth come in, it is much easier for an orthodontist to detect misalignment and other orthodontic problems. For this reason, adolescence is a great time to get braces. Nevertheless, it can be challenging for teens to get accustomed to wearing braces. So, for those teenagers who are about to get braces for the first time, here is a brief “survival guide” to make sure that you have a successful, positive experience!

There Are Multiple Options

Some teenagers treat their braces as an accessory—a projection of their personality. Therefore, they play around with different bracket colors and patterns. On the other hand, some teens struggle with confidence through the braces stage. They may feel childish or less attractive with braces on, particularly if they are colored. So, for those worried about looking fashionable while wearing braces, know that you have options. For example, you can get white brackets to help them blend in with your teeth. Or, you can always try Invisalign which is a clear, removable alternative to metal brackets.

Invest in Good Hygiene Supplies

It isn’t a secret that oral hygiene can be more tricky with braces. With braces, there is extra maintenance involved, food gets stuck more easily, and it is a bit more challenging to floss—all things that can feel bothersome for a busy teenager. So, save yourself the headache and invest in hygiene supplies that will make braces maintenance easier, like a Waterpik to floss with and an electric toothbrush.

You Can Still Do Everything You Like

Some teenagers are worried that, with braces on, they won’t be able to do certain activities that they love. Many wonder if they will still be able to play their woodwind instrument the same way, or participate in their high-contact sport. The answer is, yes! You can still do all of these things. It will just be important that you communicate with your orthodontist to ensure that you have the right protection during sports and that you are aware of any special limitations.

The most important thing to remember as a teen who is about to get braces is that you won’t have them forever. In the end, it is just a short phase. And as long as you take good care of your braces and wear your retainer as instructed, you can enjoy a perfect smile for the rest of your life!  

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