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Making Braces Fun!

When it comes to braces, there are a lot of things to get excited about! Not only will you or your child come out on the other side with that beautiful smile you have been dreaming of, but you also get one more thing to personalize and show off to your friends! When it comes down to it, there are two ways to go about getting braces: the boring way or the fun way! If you have to get them anyway, why not celebrate it?

Throw a Pre-Braces Party

Any excuse for a party is a good excuse, right? At a pre-braces party, you can invite all your friends and/or family for an exciting event where your teeth are the star! Take before pictures, play teeth-related games, and watch a tooth-themed movie. Best of all, serve up all of your favorite foods that you won’t be able to eat once your braces come on. Think Doritos, crusty pizza, chewy taffy, nuts, and gummies! What better way to say goodbye to your favorite no-no foods for a time?

Get Fun Band Colors

Part of the fun of wearing braces is personalizing the bands. You can choose your favorite colors or match them to whatever holiday happens to be that month. For example, choose black and orange in October; red and green in December, pastels in April; and red, white, and blue in July. You could even support your favorite sports team or cause! Have fun with it and let your band colors represent the fun, unique individual that you are!

Piggyback Appointments With a Fun Outing

Appointments with your orthodontist are the perfect chance to add on a fun outing. Turn these outings into a tradition! If your child is the patient, take them to lunch or to get a smoothie after the appointment. If you are the patient, take yourself out! You can make anything fun when you couple it with something you enjoy. 

Braces don’t have to be a drag! Sure, you have to give up some foods you enjoy and there are moments of pain and discomfort. But there are so many more ways to make them fun! Why not choose the fun route and find all of the reasons to celebrate your braces?

If you need even more reasons to celebrate your braces, try to remember the end goal. One good way to keep the proper perspective is to check out our before and after gallery here. If you don’t have braces yet and can’t wait to get the smile you deserve, reach out to Sonneveld Orthodontics today!