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Best Foods For Your Teeth

Your diet affects your entire body, including the health of your teeth. At Sonneveld Orthodontics, we want to ensure that you are eating the best possible foods to maintain a high level of oral health. The American Dental Association recommends eating more of the following: cheese, apples, leafy greens, carrots, yogurt, almonds, and celery. These foods all benefit your oral health and are great at keeping your teeth strong and functional. Continue reading to learn more about these specific foods.


If you love cheese, you’re in luck because it’s also great for your teeth. The American Academy of General Dentistry reported that eating cheese increases the pH level of your mouth and therefore reduces the risk of tooth decay. Cheese also contains high levels of protein and calcium, both of which are excellent nutrients to strengthen the enamel on your teeth.


Apples are high in fiber and water. When you eat an apple, your mouth produces a high level of saliva, which basically acts like a bath for your teeth. The extra saliva will rinse away bacteria and food particles in your mouth. Apples also have a great fibrous texture which stimulates your teeth and gums. Although eating an apple is not the same as brushing your teeth, it can act like a mini-brushing session during the day and give your teeth a good scrubbing.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are excellent for your bodies overall health, but especially your teeth. Greens like kale and spinach are high in calcium, folic acid, and vitamin B. This combination of nutrients strengthens your enamel, can treat gum disease in pregnant women, among other health benefits.


Like apples, carrots are also very high in fiber. Eating a raw carrot increases the saliva production in your mouth and in turn, reduces your risk of cavities. The crunchy, fibrous texture can have a scrubbing affect on your teeth and brush away some plaque and bacteria. Carrots are also quite high in vitamin A, which is an excellent nutrient for your body and teeth.


Similar to cheese, yogurt is also high in protein and calcium. By consuming yogurt, you will strengthen the enamel and health of your teeth. The probiotics in yogurt are also excellent for your mouth and gums because the good bacteria decreases the amount of bad bacteria. Bad bacteria is known for causing cavities, so by decreasing the levels you will also decrease your risk for cavities. At Sonneveld Orthodontics, our orthodontist recommends consuming a yogurt with no added sugars.


Almonds are an amazing source of protein and calcium and have extremely low levels of sugars. They are great raw or added to different meals. Consuming almonds will strengthen the enamel on your teeth and your overall oral health.


Celery is a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Both antioxidants boost your gum and mouth health. Celery too has a great fibrous texture, like apples and carrots. Again, it can act like a mini-brushing/scrubbing on your teeth when consuming celery.

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For any questions about orthodontic treatment, please feel free to ask our staff at Sonneveld Orthodontics. We will be more than happy to address any of your questions or concerns. Along with these recommended foods, we tell our patients to avoid sugary foods and drinks like soda. It’s always best to drink water and consume a low sugar diet to avoid cavities and other dental/orthodontic problems. We want your teeth and mouth to be healthy and stay healthy. Stick with these food suggestions and you’ll be just fine. Please call or visit our orthodontist office near Orland Park to book a free consultation if you’re looking for orthodontic treatment!