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Common Concerns for Adult Patients

With more convenient options, less expensive treatments, and a newly heightened awareness of the importance of proper jaw alignment, more and more adults are seeking out orthodontic correction. Braces are no longer just for teens! Chances are you have an adult friend or relative wearing braces or Invisalign, but what about you? Do you hanker after straighter teeth? Maybe you wish you had gotten braces when you were a kid? Well, it’s never too late! Even adults with these common concerns can usually find a treatment option that is right for them.


Teens and pre-teens might be known for their insecurities, but they by no means hold a monopoly on them. Many adults worry about the aesthetic of braces, fearing that their braces will make them look juvenile or less professional. While that certainly isn’t true, the feelings are understandable and there are excellent, discrete treatment options available. One of these is Invisalign. If you choose to go with Invisalign, you will wear clear plastic trays that gently reposition your teeth, instead of metal wires. These trays can even be removed for short periods when necessary.

Structural Challenges

Adolescence is the best time for orthodontic work because the jaw is more malleable prior to adulthood. When you reach your adult years, your jaw becomes fixed into place and is much more difficult to reposition. This could just mean a longer treatment period. Or, it could mean that you require corrective jaw surgery prior to getting orthodontic treatment. Either way, it never hurts to set up a free consultation with your orthodontist and find out what it will take.

Previous Extractions

One challenge some adults pose for their orthodontist is their previous tooth extractions. At your initial consultation, your orthodontist will take a careful record of your dental history. Your treatment plan may need to be modified to accommodate any previously extracted teeth. But rest assured that, with very few exceptions, there are treatment options for everyone.

As an adult, you might be feeling more trepidation about orthodontic treatment than your child is! Your fears are understandable. However, there are so many treatments available that you can put your worries to rest. It is never too late to get the smile that you deserve!

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