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Drinking Soda With Braces

While you’re wearing your braces, there are a number of foods that you need to avoid to prevent damage, such as hard and sticky foods that can snap your brackets right of your teeth or cause enough pressure to bend the archwire. While you may be keeping a closer eye on what you sink your teeth into, that must mean that drinks are okay, right? Technically, yes, you can drink anything you want while you’re in braces, but that doesn’t mean you should. Especially for those out there with a sweet tooth who love to drink soda, your braces may be safe, but that new smile that you’re working towards may be at risk. To learn more about what soda can do to your teeth while you’re going through orthodontic treatment, check out the information below.

How Soda Damages Your Smile

When it comes your teeth, soda is a double threat. First off, soda contains a lot of acid, which will strip away essential vitamins and minerals from the enamel the moment it comes into contact with your teeth. Second is sugar – as much as 8 full teaspoons can be found in a single 12 ounce can of soda. While sugar may not directly wear away your teeth like acid does, sugar is one of the main food sources for the bacteria that live on your teeth. That bacteria eats and breaks down the sugar from the soda, and produces even more acid that can rot your teeth. While taking one sip of soda won’t destroy your smile, it most definitely accelerates the process of tooth decay, which can put your smile at risk.

Limit Your Soda Intake & Use A Straw!

If you want to enjoy the occasional soda while you’re wearing your braces, it’s perfectly fine, but we recommend that you limit the amount that you drink and how often to reduce the amount of acid and sugar that your teeth are exposed to. We also recommend drinking your soda through a straw, which will allow the soda to pass right past your teeth and limit the contact it has with your smile.

Contact Us With Your Questions!

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