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How to Ease Your Anxiety Before an Orthodontist Appointment

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been going for years, anxiety before a visit to the orthodontist is totally normal. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through the appointment in fear or dread. Here are three ways to deal with your pre-appointment jitters and make sure your orthodontic experience is as stress-free as possible. 

Talk to Your Orthodontist 

One of the best ways to ease anxiety before visiting your orthodontist is to talk with them ahead of time. If you know what’s going on in advance, you can prepare yourself both mentally and physically for what lies ahead. Letting your orthodontist know about any anxieties you may have will also help create a more comfortable atmosphere and ensure they understand any special needs you might have. And if some procedures or treatments make you especially uneasy, talking about them openly can provide some peace of mind when it comes time for treatment. 

Practice Breathing Techniques  

Our bodies react differently when we’re anxious, and one of the most common reactions is increased heart rate and shallow breathing – both of which can be alleviated by using breathing techniques. Taking deep breaths while focusing on relaxing muscles and releasing tension from your body can help reduce stress levels, allowing you to feel more relaxed during an appointment. Additionally, practice these techniques regularly so that they become second nature when it comes time for a visit with the orthodontist. 

Bring a Friend 

Having someone there with you during an appointment can help reduce anxiety levels in many different ways. Not only does it give someone else a chance to ask questions or explain things that may not be clear, but it also provides a sense of comfort that reduces stress naturally. This person could be a family member, friend, or partner – whatever works best for you! Just make sure they understand what their role will be beforehand so they don’t add additional stress during the appointment itself.  

An orthodontic appointment should never cause undue stress or worry – but sometimes those feelings come up despite our best efforts! By taking some simple steps like talking to your orthodontist in advance, practicing breathing techniques regularly, and bringing a friend along if possible, you can ease anxiety before an orthodontic appointment and ensure that every visit is as positive (and stress-free!) as possible!

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