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Why Your Braces are Taking Longer

Committing to braces can be a daunting experience, but the final outcome of having perfectly straight and beautiful teeth is worth all the effort. Although it may seem like an arduous process at first, there are certain actions you can take to ensure your treatment period does not extend longer than necessary: always wear rubber bands as prescribed by your orthodontist; never miss appointments with them; and allow time for your teeth to settle into their new position. With these steps in mind, you will find that achieving straighter teeth won’t require any more time or patience than expected!

Not Wearing Your Rubber Bands

One of the most important aspects of braces treatment is wearing your rubber bands. Rubber bands help to move your teeth and jaws into the correct position and ensure that your bite is properly aligned. However, if you do not wear your rubber bands as prescribed, it can significantly extend your treatment time. Wearing your rubber bands as required by your orthodontist is vital in order to achieve successful treatment results. Skipping this step can lead to delays and misalignments, which may require more appointments and a longer overall treatment duration. To make sure you’re reaping the benefits of wearing rubber bands, wear them according to the instructions given by your orthodontist – that includes maintaining appropriate frequencies for changing them out too! If ever in doubt or with any questions about using these appliances, don’t hesitate talking it through with your orthodontic specialist.

Missing Orthodontist Appointments

Missed orthodontist appointments can significantly impede your progress in braces treatment, and thus lengthen the amount of time necessary to complete it. Regular checkups are critical for monitoring your improvement and making sure any changes or modifications get done on schedule. If you don’t keep up with these visits, it could cause disruptions that add extra weeks or even months to reach the desired outcome. To ensure that your treatment stays on track, it is essential to attend all of your scheduled appointments. If you need to reschedule an appointment, make sure to do so as soon as possible and follow up with your orthodontist to ensure that you are still on track with your treatment plan.

Your Teeth Are Still Setting in Their New Place

You may have that moment near the end of your treatment where you look in the mirror and think “my teeth look great!” and you wonder why you still need to wear them for another few months. To put it simply, braces cause a big switch-up in your mouth, and your teeth need to get settled in their new spots before the braces are removed. If your braces are taken off too early, your teeth can slide back to their original spots and undo all the work you’ve done. While this settling time is usually factored into your treatment plan from the start, sometimes your orthodontist will decide that your mouth needs a little more time to settle. This is a fairly common occurrence and is done to make sure the benefits last long-term. Like all things with braces, have a little patience and know that it’s all for your own good in the end.

Achieving a beautiful, straight smile with braces treatment is definitely worth the investment in time and patience. To ensure that your treatment sticks to its timeline, it’s important to follow your orthodontist’s instructions, attend all visits on schedule and wear your retainer as directed. With steadfast dedication and compliance to these essential steps of care you can look forward to achieving gorgeous results swiftly – so you can enjoy sporting a stunning new grin for years down the line!

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