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Mouth Protection and Basketball

The month of March is when many college students across the nation suit up to play basketball. For both the players that wear braces and the players that don’t, the team at Sonneveld Orthodontics would like to remind everyone of how important it is to wear protective mouth guards when playing basketball.

In spite of the fact that basketball players are very prone to injury, these athletes wear nearly no protective gear. In the typical game, there are many physical battles taking place on the court that can result in serious injuries including injuries to the face and mouth. Playing with a mouth guard will provide a player with the protection he or she needs against blows to the mouth from elbows, etc., as well as blunt force trauma resulting from falls.

The most physical aspect of basketball usually occurs when players are trying to rebound the ball. It is common for the player who has secured the ball to swing the ball overhead as he/she comes down. This action often results in players nearby being hit in the face or mouth to cause serious injuries including cuts, broken teeth and even knocked out teeth.

Everyone playing basketball including people who are wearing braces should wear a protective mouth guard. Not only will the mouth guard provide protection against mouth injuries, but it will also give the player more confidence knowing he/she is well protected.

Choosing The Right Mouth Guard For You

There are mouthguards available online which are made specifically for people wearing braces. This type of mouthguard fits snugly over your orthodontic appliances to protect both your braces and your smile from harm.

For those of you not wearing braces, you can buy a mouth guard at a sporting goods store. Most retail sports stores offer both “stock” mouth guards and “boil and bite” mouth guards. The best choice of the two is the boil and bite mouth guard as this type fits better to provide you with more protection. The best choice is a mouth guard that’s custom made just for you by your dentist using an impression of your teeth. Whichever type of mouth guard you choose, just be sure it fits well, is comfortable, and allows for easy breathing and talking.

We’d like to wish everyone playing basketball this March the best of luck! Just remember to protect your mouth when you’re on the court so you can keep your amazing smile intact and safe from harm!